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Our Services

Some of fields that we have focused on:

Financial Tools

Nowadays, financial tools (eWallet) plays an important role on our lives. We are working on these type of tools for making a better life.

Engineering Tools

Based on our experience, it is unpleasant for engineers to use different tools. So, we have some products that bring those tools all together.

Portal & Dashboard

Great jobs & companies needs functional dashboard and attractive portal to introduce themselves and have control on their activities.

Our Story

United Process System (UPSYM) started its activity from 2010 as a research core at Sharif University of Technology and registered officially as a scholar company with activities based on produce and developing IT software & solutions at 2017. Meanwhile, UPSYM provided various products, including AbarSazeh (Civil Engineering field), TMSKIT (International Transportation Management field) and TraWallet (Tourism field). Beside that, UPSYM tried to develop special software and utilities to provide solutions for various companies, like Fatigue Analysis software for IKCO Industrial Group.

UPSYM Executives

UPSYM Board of Directors & executive members:
Ayyoub Nikravan
Ayyoub Nikravan
Founder & CEO
Eshaq Nikravan
Eshaq Nikravan
Chief Technical Officer

Saeed Nikravan
Saeed Nikravan
Executive Director
Sajjad Nasirzadeh
Sajjad Nasirzadeh
Senior Android Developer
Mehdi Algholipour
Mehdi Algholipour
Senior Back-End Developer
Reza Ghadimi Motlagh
Reza Ghadimi Motlagh
Senior Back-End Developer
Ramin Rakhshani
Ramin Rakhshani
Senior Back-End Developer
Yaser Rakhshani
Yaser Rakhshani
Marketing Director
Majid Zare
Planning Director
Mehdi Bamdad
Mehdi Bamdad
Data Analyzer Expert

Our Projects

TraWallet gathered everything you need for travel in one application. You charge your wallet with the currency that you want and exchange it for the currency that you want to spend the money. Buy a flight ticket and reserve hotel all over the world. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies you can buy cryptocurrency with our application and even more, you can charge your wallets by cryptocurrencies. If your friends need money or vice versa, just request or send money by using our application. Just do everything you want in our application and be sure your money is safe and secured. Key features

- Charge wallet with different fiats

- Exchange

- Transfer

- Buy flight ticket

- Buy/Sell cryptocurrencies

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In many natural disasters, lack of proper management systems causes waste of many of supplies and popular donations. This platform ordered by Border-less Rescue Teams to manage & trace charities & victims, requests & donations. Key features

- Works with geographical coordinates

- Manage Rescue Teams Operations

- Manage & Trace donations, from Begin to End

- Categorize victims requests

- Notify nearest teams to help

- API & Web Service compatible with all platforms

Blockchain for Handicrafts business

Based on NEO Platforms

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies & blockchain technologies have a special place in worldwide business & trading. Whereas these such technologies are easy to use and have no classic method's difficulties (Exchanging money, carrying money especially for tourists, and ...), they are exciting and useful. So, we decided to get into this marketplace and provide a reliable method for trading on Handicrafts business. With this method, both producers & purchasers feel satisfaction for their trade. Key features

- 24/7 trading time

- There is no need to exchange

- Connects producers hand art & purchasers art love

Design & producing 3D Printer
Considering to novelty and excitement of "Print whatever you want" idea, could be imagined if this idea will be done with 3D printing technology, how much demand will be created in the marketplace. But, there is a great barrier in front of this, and that is the cost of production. However, in 2011 this idea get out from home user's dream so that number of companies producing such kind of printers increased. But, the mentioned barrier still exists for Iranian users. In this project, by producing 3D printer, make its price affordable for internal users. This machine is able to print any 3D object with mentioned formats as plastic and layer-by-layer. Considering that, software part of the machine can be re-designable, any other formats and adjustment standards can be implemented on it. Key features

- Type of printable materials: PLA & ABS plastic

- Print accuracy: extreme100 micron

- Nozzle diameter: 0.3 mm

- Operating temperature: 230 °C

- Printing speed: adjustable

- Input format: CAD, OBJ, and STL


SAP2000 → TeclaStructure → AutoCAD → Iran Construction Engineering Organization

In our country, with highly seismicity, metal structures because of easily shaped or molding and quick assembling, especially in massive projects, are in designers priority. Key features

- Extract geometry of model and loads from ETABS & SAP and build a pre-production detailed model, ability to see all details about the structure, i.e. connections, for preventing carelessness during design & modeling

- Accurate & optimized design of Up-To-Date and common connections in advanced countries and match them with our country conditions

- A new attitude to BasePlate designing and GussetPlate according to 10th Topic (1387 Hijri) and AISC Regulations

- Provide full & accurate calculations notebook in a format that designer able to re-edit it

- Provide the real Listofer table of main components and connection details (i.e plates, bolts and ...)

- Provide 2D & 3D plans of details (i.e. connections)

- Provide engineering plans, advisor plans (i.e. Base view, plans and ...)

- Provide shop plans for all details

Soderburg Criteria Fatigue Analysis

Abaqus → Hypermesh

This software ordered by IKCO and developed for analyzing fatigue based on Soderburg Criteria. The environment of this software is very simple, takes Abaqus results as input and with analyzing based on Soderburg over all elements, makes results viewable on Hyperview. Key features

- Read nodes & element data from Abaqus result, all 4 different states of Abaqus

- Read nodes & element data from different layers

- Read data for some different steps of tensions

- Calculate Min & Max Von Mises tensions for each node or element

- Calculate Average tension (σm) and tension domain (σa) for each node or element

- Calculate Soderburg & Goodman tensions for each node or element and in each layer with both Max & Min Von Mises tensions and with Average tension & tension domain method

- Show result with both selective steps or all steps methods

- Set Soderburg & Goodman maximum tensions as each node or element data

- Export results as a file for each node or element on each layer

- Auto-execute on generated Translator

- Export results viewable on Hyperview & HyperMesh

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